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For Wastes Utilization and Recycling

Kiev, Ukraine

May  17-19, 2006

20 years will pass from the day of the Chernobyl catastrophe on the 26th of April 2006. This date reminds us vividly of the ecological situation not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world, again emphasizing the necessity to pay particular attention to protection of the environment, timely and qualitative utilization of wastes.

Ukraine possesses considerable resources of used raw materials in the form of annually appearing and already accumulated production and consumption wastes, which can be used as recoverable material and fuel-energy resources. Along with it, the absence of necessary equipment, insufficient information for specialists about modern technologies and methods in this field exclude the possibility of the rational use of wastes and, as a result, lead to deterioration of the ecological situation in the country.

In order to reveal the potential of the wastes market of Ukraine, invite foreign investors, present modern equipment for accumulation, utilization and storage of wastes, technologies and methods in this field, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with support of State company for wastes utilization as secondary raw materials “Ukrececomresourses” proposes a new project to national and foreign specialists-ecologists:


Specialized Exhibition For Wastes Utilization and Recycling


In order to acquaint specialists with the problems connected with protection of the environment, utilization of different wastes, conferences, scientific-engineering seminars, round tables and presentations will be arranged within the framework of the Exhibition.


Main Topical Directions of the Exhibition

-         Technologies and equipment for wastes accumulation, storage and recycling.

-         Toxic and radioactive wastes.

-         Construction of purification plants.

-         Utilization of packing wastes.

-         Use of wastes as fuel-energy resources.

-         Used raw materials: products to be obtained as a result of wastes recycling.

-         Systems and technologies of water supply, water cleaning and sewage.

-         Systems of air cleaning, industrial gases purification.

-         Check-measuring and research instruments and systems.

-         Control, checks and monitoring of the environment.

-         Special clothes.

-         Sanitary hygiene goods.

-         Specialized articles.

We invite you to take part in the “Recycling” Exhibition!




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